The Many Benefits of Fresno, California Residential Solar Power

Now is an exciting time for homeowners who are interested in residential solar power.  Never before has it been such a feasible goal for people to be able to use reliable, clean solar power at home – even if they are on a budget!  These days, people are finally starting to realize just how important it is to switch to sustainable energy sources.  This is due largely in part to the government incentive programs that have been implemented to teach people about the importance of solar power, and make it financially beneficial as well.

California is leading the country in solar power production.  These three states have exceptional rewards programs that make switching to solar quite profitable for many households in the area.  Additionally, we offer some incentives of our own, including low prices, affordable financing plans, and even $0 down leasing options.  We have opened up the solar market to a whole new audience of savvy homeowners who are looking for quality solar power at an affordable rate.

In California, solar power is a no-brainer.  There is an extraordinary amount of sunlight that kisses the rooftops of most California homes every day, all year round.  This allows California homes to be some of the most efficiently powered in the world.  The exorbitant amount of sunlight combined with California’s naturally progressive, eco-friendly residents has turned this sunny state into a haven for homeowners who want to save a whole lot of money while making their home less intrusive to the planet.


Residential Solar Power

Solar panels have no moving parts, require little if any maintenance, and their cost is at its lowest point ever. Of course, the electric company might try and convince you solar is expensive, and is not yet a viable energy alternative. Do not listen to them. Thousands of homes across America...

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Solar Cost

Even if there was an infinite supply of free fossil fuels, they would still not be an adequate energy source. The problem is that when they are burned to generate energy, they release noxious greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for global warming, among other environmental issues.

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Solar Systems

The fact that the simple installation of solar panels can drastically reduce – or even eliminate entirely – monthly electricity bills is a monumental feat in and of itself. Even if that was the only financial benefit involved, it would still make solar power an incredible long-term investment.

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Solar Panels

Not only are you helping reduce carbon emissions when you go green there are many programs designed to help you offset the cost of installing home solar panels. Your Fresno solar panel dealer is expert in all available tax incentives and rebate programs.

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The California Solar Initiative is a program that has set a goal of reaching 1,940 megawatts of new solar generation capacity by 2016, with a budget of $2.167 billion since 2007.  A great deal of this money is used to help California homeowners to pay for equipment and installation costs, as well as to compensate them for their excess energy that is used to power the grid.  California residents can enjoy a myriad of grants, tax credits, rebates, and performance-based incentives that make switching to solar affordable, and usually profitable.

New York is similar to California, in that residents can take advantage of net-metering to make money through their solar energy system.  They will be provided with free monitoring equipment that keeps track of the solar power generated.  There is also a great deal of other rebates, tax credits, grants, rebates, loans, and other ways to drastically cut down on solar costs.  If you are interested in installing residential solar panels in Fresno, California, now is definitely the right time.

New Jersey does things a bit different.  The Garden State gives their residents what are known as SRECs, or Solar Energy Renewable Credits.  Each one of these represents 1 megawatt/hour of solar energy.  They are usually worth around $550-$600, and the average household receives one every 2 months or so.  They can easily be sold for cash, or used to pay off government solar loans.  Essentially, households will have around $275-$300 to put towards their solar payments every month!

We are a residential solar installation company that services various cities in California, including Fresno.  The incredible amount of sun that California receives each day makes it the perfect place for home solar power.  If you want to save a whole lot of money, help the planet to go green, and add value to your home, just give us a call and we will be happy to make that dream a reality.

Anyone who has ever been interested in solar power at home would be well-advised to look into one of our quality PV systems.  We have $0 down leasing options that make it possible to start enjoying the many benefits of residential solar power without having to put any money down.  Solar power is the clear choice for financially savvy, environmentally conscious homeowners.